SurfOne Sensor: A Revolution in Surf Technology

Dive deep into the world of SurfOne and discover how our sensor technology is setting a new standard in the surfing community. From real-time analytics to community engagement, SurfOne is not just a product; it’s an experience.

The SurfOne App: Your Tool to enhance the Surfing Experience

Get a sneak peek into the SurfOne app, a space where technology meets passion. Track your performance, improve your surfing, document your surfing stats, engage with the community, and stay updated with the latest technical advancements in the sport, all at your fingertips.


Join the Movement: SurfOne Community

SurfOne is more than a brand; it’s a revolution in the surfing world, empowering surfers with precise data to track their performance and reach new heights with every wave. Our technology doesn’t just facilitate individual growth; it fosters a vibrant, always-on community where surfers can share and compare their best waves, learn from each other, and engage in friendly competitions. We’re creating a space where your ride data becomes a story of progress, a testament to your passion, and a bridge to a community of like-minded surfers around the world. Join the SurfOne community and be a part of this exciting journey.

As Seen in USA Today

ICON 1 brings new insights into performance with its board-mounted sensor and accompanying platform. While most competitive sports have an objective way of measuring performance, merit is more subjective in board sports. Surfing, for instance, involves varying factors, such as wave height and surface conditions, that can blur the lines around an athlete’s performance. In addition, judges’ limited visibility can contribute to inaccurate comparisons. Understanding these complexities, the founders of ICON 1 created a sensor to track and measure performance in surfing and other board sports, such as snowboarding and skateboarding. Athletes can now track their speed, force, and balance to analyze how different movements exerted on the board contribute to the overall result. “The sensor and platform we’ve built calculate everything to give more visibility into any of these sports. Something that has never really existed before,” says CEO Mike Ryan.


SurfOne Announces Sponsorship of Carlos Munoz

SurfOne is proud to be a sponsor of Carlos Munoz and excited to have him on the team!