Mike Ryan

A life long surfer who has made a career out of assisting small business owners and Start up companies with the many challenges of starting and staying in business.

Daniel Mungall
Director of Technology

Our in house geek developing prototypes and managing new product development.

Daniel Ryan
Director of Operations


The founders of Surf One™ came together with a very unique perspective on the sport of surfing. Having decades of experience in competitive surfing, board design and innovations, as well as top skill sets in technology and athlete performance, this team saw a need to upgrade both the athlete and fan experience through the use of existing sensor technology integrated into existing board equipment and coupled with a revolutionary user interface.

At Surf One we see technology and board sports coming together in the next five years more so than any other time in the history of these sports. Surfing and other board sports have, up until now, lagged behind in adopting technology to improve performance and advance the sport. As media in sports move into the future, information for the athletes, coaches, and broadcast commentators will be crusial to keeping with the ever-changing world of action sports and sports in general, and to keep the lifeblood of sponsorship in the sport.

Athletes need access to the information that will enhance their performance, coaches need access to tools and training that give the athlete a competitive edge. Media needs data content that can be used for storytelling and fill during event downtime. Fans are demanding stories, entertainment, and gaming opportunities. Lastly, sponsors want to see fan commitment and loyalty. Surf One’s innovative approach to providing displays of useful and entertaining metrics to the sport of surfing will revolutionize the way athletes and fans approach the sport.