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Bringing innovation to the sport of surfing.


To bring objective performance measurements and tracking to the sport of surfing and other board sports that will enhance the spectator experience, improve athlete performance, and increase participation by creating a better understanding of the motion mechanics and skill levels involved in surfing and other board sports.

Meet the Team

Mike Ryan

A lifelong surfer who has made a career out of assisting small business owners and startup companies with the many challenges of starting and staying in business.

Daniel Ryan
Director of Operations

A longtime board sports enthusiast that has spent 10 years in the corporate startup space with a mix of action sports and software companies.

Nico Viglucci
Director of Technology

Princeton graduate, worked at a startup in China developing firmware and hardware. 3 years experience at Rivian as a senior software/firmware engineer.

Meet the Surfers

Jeff Jessee

Jeff competes in the
Western Surfing Assc. (WSA)
Open Men’s and Legends
Divisions. 3 Time West Coast Champion in Legends, 1 West Coast Championship in Senior Men’s, NSSA

“With SurfOne, I have been able to isolate where I get speed on the wave and connect the turns between

Liam Wilson

Liam is a member of the American
Olympic Surf Team and competes in
WSL Qualifying Series events.
2019 Oceania champion
Surfone is helping me achieve my hopes and dreams of being one of the greatest in the sport.

Lucy Jarrard

Lucy is a member of the American
Samoa Olympic Surf Team and
complete in Women’s ISA events

Sive Jarrard

Is a member of the American
Samoa Olympic Surf Team and
Competes in both Women’s and Longboard ISA events

The Technology

SurfOne stands at the forefront of surfing technology, bringing a revolution that allows surfers to understand the intricacies of their performance. Our technology is not just about metrics; it’s about enhancing the surfing experience, bringing a new dimension to the sport where every turn, burst of speed, and drop is not just felt but known.

What We Do

At SurfOne, we are crafting the future of surfing, creating a space where the surfing community can come together, share, learn, and improve. Our technology is designed to foster a culture of continuous improvement, where surfers, like other athletes, can track, train, be coached, analyze, and understand their performance, pushing the limits of what is possible. Patent Pending

Take your Performance to the next level with SurfOne

Join the next wave of surfing innovation. Be part of a community that thrives on innovating and improving, where every wave is an opportunity to learn, improve, and connect with fellow surf enthusiasts globally. It’s a revolution in the sport of Surfing.